Jan 02 2015

Thoughtbot - Intro to Ruby on Rails

Thoughtbot - Intro to Ruby on Rails

Thoughtbot - Intro to Ruby on Rails | 4.05GB

The Intro to Ruby on Rails tutorial is designed for developers with very little experience with Ruby or Rails. The tutorial consists of two lessons on Ruby, where we cover everything from the basics such as syntax, classes, and objects to more advanced topics like blocks and iterators. The rest of the tutorial focuses on building a simple rails application from the ground up and covers topics such as how MVC applies to Rails, Rails routing, and the process for building an application.

This tutorial is intended for developers who have very minimal exposure to Rails, but to get the most from this tutorial you should have worked with an object oriented programming language and have experience with a relational database such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, or Oracle. The typical developer completes this tutorial with the knowledge of how to create a basic Rails application and is ready to move on to more complicated Rails applications.

This tutorial is comprised of 5 video lessons given by the thoughtbot developer, Matt Mongeau. Watch the video and code along with Matt on the project. Work on it as much as you'd like, and get help from Matt, the rest of thoughtbot, and other members in our forums along the way.

After you complete the tutorial, you're not done. You get support for any ongoing questions you have, from Matt and the rest of the thoughtbot team in the forums.

Taught by
Matthew Mongeau

Matt (a.k.a "Goose") first started programming in Qbasic at the age of twelve where a love for the craft was developed. By sixteen he was running an Apache server from his home computer with PHP and MySQL. In 2005 he jumped on the Rails bandwagon and has been immersed in Rails development ever since. During that time he's been the instructor of numerous introductory and intermediate rails courses and has taught hundreds of developers from around the world.

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